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Taylor Hanson History Lesson (for non-Hanson fan SNAFU readers)

So ragingrainbow made an awesome "History of Hanson" to help all non-Hanson fans who are reading/want to read SNAFU better understand who Hanson are and who Taylor is. You can find it here: It focuses on Hanson's career from 1992 until 2012.

But I decided that, since there's a lot in the story about his wife and kids (and there will be a lot more in future chapters...), I wanted to do a more "personal" version of his history. Although, it's not like I'm his BFF or anything, so all I can tell you about them is stuff he's shared himself. Anything else is rumors and conjecture, and I'll make note of it as such.

This post is definitely picture heavy, because Daddy!Taylor makes my heart melt. :x

All the stuff in the story about Taylor being gay and knowing it from a young age is, of course, fictional. As far as we know, he's straight. We can debate it the same way we debate Tommy's straight, pointing out pictures of him standing with his hands on his hips and looking very effeminate, but any an all "Taylor Hanson is Gay" rumors are still completely unproven.

So, in August 2000 Hanson were doing their 2nd major tour in support of their 2nd studio album, "This Time Around". They were playing a show in Atlanta, GA, when Taylor (then 17) was first introduced to Natalie (then 16). The story, as they tell it, is that Natalie's best friend, Kate (now Zac Hanson's wife), was invited back stage by one of Hanson's crew, and in Natalie's own words: "Oh, I was tagging right along. I wanted to get in on that."

Taylor says that he was immediately attracted to her and thought she was cute. They talked on the phone for weeks after first meeting, and Taylor says that he felt very quickly like he was falling in love with somebody.

Obviously, Taylor being the teen heartthrob he was at the time, the fans mostly hated Natalie. The rumors about how she "trapped" Taylor into marrying her by getting pregnant are still alive and well to this day. For years after their first child was born, fans refused to believe he was actually the father (thankfully those fans can STFU now, because their son looks EXACTLY like Taylor). Some fans even spread vicious rumors about her starving herself and threatening suicide when Taylor tried to break up with her in 2001.

Around the time that this rumored breakup took place, Taylor was also rumored to be having a relationship with Alex Greenwald of Phantom Planet (and Michelle Branch, but that's another story for another time...). It's a known fact that Hanson were friends with Phantom Planet and promoted their music A LOT on their website for a while back then. Sam Farrar (Phantom Planet's bassist) even played bass on Hanson's song 'Lost Without Each Other'. But as far as I know, there were never any photos of Alex and Taylor hanging out together from that time period. There were "sightings", but most of them read like bad fanfic. Observe:

"Okay. Can anyone confirm this? Sam (the bass player for P.P) threw a big party at his place after P.P. finished their performance at the Troubadour on Oct. 20. I was told Alex took Taylor Hanson to the party as his "date". About midway through the party Alex escorted Taylor into one of Sam's bedrooms. More than 2 hours elapsed before they re-emerged from the bedroom, Alex with his arm firmly around Taylor's shoulders. They said Taylor had a definite glow about him while Alex had a smirk on his face and was strutting around acting real cocky, like the cat that finally got the canary. When a couple of people at the party pointed out to Taylor that he had a hicky on his neck he blushed and acted very uncomfortable."

Not exactly the easiest stuff to believe, right? (But still lots of fun to imagine...) No one knows exactly why they stopped hanging out. There are rumors (of course) that Alex was offended that Taylor kept the fact that he was getting married from him and all of his "L.A. friends", and that Alex didn't find out until after the wedding and not even from Taylor himself. Other people say Taylor ditched the whole L.A. party scene (and Alex's friendship along with it) in favor of being a family man. Whatever the reason, they seem to be on good terms as of last summer, they just don't appear to be close friends.

Aaaanyway, on June 8th, 2002, Taylor and Natalie were married in a small ceremony in Natalie's home state of Georgia. She was 18 years old and 4.5 months pregnant at the time.

On October 31st, 2002, Taylor and Natalie's first son, Jordan Ezra, was born. He goes by his middle name, just like his dad. :)

(seriously, too cute!)

Aside from the persistent gossip about Natalie trapping Taylor into marriage and Ezra not being Taylor's child, all other rumors seemed to die down. Hanson moved to New York to try to finish making their 3rd studio album, and they ended up starting their own record company because Island Def Jam were a bunch of f**kwits. The three brothers moved into an apartment together in Tribeca with Natalie and baby Ezra. It was like the premise of a sitcom. lol Fun for the whole family!

Penelope Anne, Taylor and Natalie's only daughter (so far...), was born on April 19th, 2005. 

And then almost 18 months later, on September 4th, 2006, Ezra and Penny were joined by River Samuel. Now, I'm not saying Taylor plays favorites with his kids... but for some reason I always got the sense that he was especially fond of River. lol Maybe it's just because there are more videos and pictures of them together, idk.

(Taylor giving River his sweater to keep warm during one of Hanson's charity walks)

(cute video about Hanson being on the road with all their kids)

(Taylor and River on the set of a Hanson music video in 2010)

After River was born, Taylor and Natalie went 2 whole years without having another child! But on December 9th 2008, they welcomed baby Viggo Moriah to the family.

The following year, scandal broke (for like... half a day) when a cell phone picture of Taylor apparently performing head on some unidentified guy appeared on the LJ blog ONTD! The post was flooded with comments as people scrambled to figure out if the picture was real or not. Before the day was over, it was proven to be faked. *sad face*

I won't post the picture here, because there are children present. :p But if you want to see the post and the hilarity that followed, go here: MMMCock '09! (NSFW)

It wasn't the first faked, gay picture of Taylor to hit the internet, but it was one of the better ones. Another supposed picture of him from when he was much younger has yet to be proven fake (that I'm aware of), but it's widely believed to be anyway: Prolly just a look-a-like... (NSFW)

Anyway, enough with the gay porn, back to the cute children! <.<

Here's the most recent picture of the Hanson kiddos, taken this year I believe:

As you can see, Ezra is definitely Taylor's kid. He looks just like his dad at the same age, IMO:

Natalie and Taylor are (obviously) still together, and have just announced that they are expecting their "5th mini-Hanson" later this year.

That's all, folks!
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